Categories: General
      Date: Jan 15, 2015
     Title: New ‘You and Your Lawyer’ booklet available

Just about everyone needs legal advice at some time or other. To help the public explore their options, the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB) is pleased to announce the publication of a revised “You and Your Lawyer” booklet. The aim of this booklet is to help the public know when they might need legal advice, how to choose a lawyer and what to expect in dealing with lawyers. It is intended to take the worry out of looking for - and meeting with - a lawyer.

PLEIS-NB gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Law Society of New Brunswick, in the development of this updated booklet.

The new booklets are currently being distributed to libraries, community agencies, and other places where the public can access them. They are also available on the PLEIS-NB website at To request copies contact PLEIS-NB at 506-453-5369; email; or fax 506-462-5193.