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      Date: Feb 17, 2011
     Title: Family Law New Brunswick helps hundreds of people!

In April 2010, the Family Law NB website began its first full month of operation.  Over the past 10 months, thousands of people have visited the web site and hundreds of people have called the family law information line for help in navigating the family justice system.

Some stats on the Family Law NB / Droit de la famille NB Websites:

Family Law NB (English side of the site)

Droit de la famille NB (French side of the site)

PLEIS-NB also operates a toll-free family law line.  In September 2010 a family law line information officer was hired to help educate the public on family law matters generally, and to explain family court procedures and forms in particular.  Between September 2010 and January 31 2011, nearly 600 people have called the line to ask for information relating to their family matters.

Some stats on the Toll-Free Family Law Line - (1-888-236-2444):