Categories: General
      Date: May 18, 2016
     Title: Video to help families going through divorce or separation

 The Family, Children and Youth Section of Justice Canada has produced a new video to help families going through divorce or separation by guiding them to a range of free family justice tools and products available on the Justice Canada website.

The video has accessible captioning, and runs under two minutes. This brief video was designed to promote the use of Justice Canada Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI) products and services that may help Canadians when resolving their own family law disputes. It was also designed to convey key messages and information about legal issues and responsibilities related to separation or divorce, including the importance of focusing on the best interests of children when making decisions about their care.

This project represents the first time Justice Canada has used animation in a communication vehicle intended for public audiences.

It also introduces two vanity urls, and, that bring Canadians directly to the Justice Canada Family Law landing page. This is in anticipation of the transition of public information from all departmental webpages to the whole-of-government website. When that transition is complete, the urls used in the video will continue to point Canadians to the correct webpages to find our most up-to-date Family Law information.

As a pilot project, it is hoped the video may lead to additional videos addressing other Family Justice issues.

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