Categories: General
      Date: Aug  8, 2011
     Title: Reading on-line just got easier with ISSUU

PLEIS-NB recently made enhancements to our Family Law NB Website ( to improve the experience of people who wish to read our publications on-line.   All of our law information pamphlets, booklets, and guides are now available in “ISSUU format”. ISSUU is a free online resource which lets you upload and view documents in a more realistic way.  You will be able to “flip” through the pages of our on-line publications, in much the same way as you would read a hardcopy. 

This new ISSUU feature is intended to offer a more user friendly way of browsing information without having to download it. If you prefer, you still have the option of opening and reviewing the pdf version.

Let us know what you think of this new feature please e-mail us at