Categories: General
      Date: Jun 12, 2018
     Title: Coming to an Agreement Together

 Coming to an Agreement Together

Canadians spend an average $6,100 to resolve their legal issues. Try to work out your family law issues together it may save you time and money


There are several options for coming to an agreement and only a few of them involve the court system. Whether you need to settle custody and access, support, or division of marital property, the best way to deal with family law issues is typically outside of the courtroom. If possible, start by talking about your issues and trying to work out your differences. Even if you can only agree on some issues, this will save you time and money if you do have to go to court.


You can come to an agreement together without a lawyer. However, before you begin to negotiate an agreement, you should become informed and explore the possible outcomes. Once you know more about your legal rights and obligations, you will be better prepared to negotiate an agreement with your former partner on each issue. If you would like the court to be able to enforce the agreement, it should be in writing, signed, witnessed and you should both have independent legal advice.


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