Categories: General
      Date: Jun 14, 2018
     Title: Changing the Last Name of  Child

Changing the Last Name of a Child

For various reasons a parent may want to change their child’s surname

When a child is born, parents must choose a last name (also called a surname) for the child and register the birth. The child’s surname may be the mother’s, the father’s or a combination of the parents’ names. For various reasons, such as remarriage or separation, one or both parents may wonder about changing the child’s name. This fact sheet discusses how to change a child’s name, and the implications of such a change.

A parent or guardian with legal custody of a child can apply to have a child’s name changed if the child has resided in New Brunswick for a minimum of three months. The consent of both biological parents is normally required. If the child is 12 years of age or older, the child must also give written consent to a change of his or her name.

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