Categories: General
      Date: Jun 22, 2018
     Title: Traditional Negotiation with Lawyers

Traditional Negotiation with Lawyers

Two-thirds of all family law cases in the courts deal with separation and divorce. Negotiations through lawyers may help resolve issues without going to court. 


There are several options for coming to an agreement and only a few of them involve the court system. Whether you need to settle custody and access, support, or division of marital property, the best way to deal with family law issues is typically outside of the courtroom.


Lawyers can help you negotiate an agreement that can keep you out of court. Each party hires their own lawyer to advise them as they attempt to reach an agreement. The lawyers negotiate a final agreement through letters and telephone calls. Sometimes meetings occur with both clients and both lawyers present. If a settlement is reached, a written agreement and/or divorce are finalized by the parties with their lawyers. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, their lawyers are able to represent them in court proceedings.


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