Categories: General
      Date: Dec  7, 2011
     Title: Changes Coming to Family Mediation Service

The contract for family mediation services between Justice and Consumer Affairs and Family Service Moncton, Inc., will be terminated, effective December 23.

The decision was made for budgetary reasons. Additional funding would have been required to continue the agreement to the end of the current fiscal year, which was not possible.  As a consequence, it was decided to terminate the agreement with Family Service Moncton at this time.

Family Service Moncton has confirmed that the mediation service will be continued on a private, fee-for-service basis. For more information, visit its website at Call toll free:  1-800-390-3258 to make an appointment.

In the Saint John region, mediation services are offered through the Family Law Information Centre. Call 658-2261.

Clients seeking other information and help for family law-related issues may be referred to the following: