Categories: General
      Date: May  7, 2013
     Title: New family law documents published by the Department of Justice Canada

The Family, Children & Youth Section of the Department of Justice Canada has produced two new public legal education and information documents for parents: Making Plans and the Parenting Plan Tool.

They are available at:

Making Plans:
Parenting Plan Tool:

Making Plans gives parents information about what issues they need to address when coming up with a parenting arrangement after divorce (ex. schedule for time with children), as well as the processes that they can use to come up with this arrangement (ex. mediation, negotiation). This product promotes agreements between parents by emphasizing the importance of good communication, reducing conflict, and building a co-parenting relationship that focuses on the best interests of children.

The Parenting Plan Tool is a companion product to Making Plans.  It is a practical guide to help parents develop a parenting plan. The Parenting Plan Tool contains sample clauses that parents can use as a starting point in developing their parenting plan.